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Press Release Syndication Services

Sending out a press release is one of the best ways for a business to share news and announcements on a wide scale. However, most companies lack the infrastructure and media relationships to get their press releases picked up beyond just a few outlets. This is where press release syndication services provide major value.

The core benefit these services offer is increased exposure through established media relationships. While a company may email its release and have it covered by a couple of publications, a distribution service can get that same release in front of thousands of relevant media contacts. We’re talking online news sites, print magazines, major metro papers, influential bloggers, niche websites, and many other outlets.

Beyond expanded reach, the right distribution service also provides additional benefits like:

  • Optimizing press releases for better search visibility
  • Tagging releases for easier discovery by media contacts
  • Detailed analytics reporting on publishing rate, clicks, impressions etc.
  • Writing and editing support to create captivating press release content

So, how does a company discern between the array of press release distribution options out there? Here are a few key factors to evaluate:

Industry-Specific Outreach Better distribution services possess deep media relationships within specific niches and categories rather than just broad general contacts. Identifying a service that aligns with your particular industry increases the relevance of the media outlets releasing your news.

Minimum Publishing Guarantees

Some press release syndication services companies guarantee a minimum number of media pickups per release. This provides reassurance that your news will actually get solid coverage.

Focus on Domestic or International Outlets

If you mainly operate in one primary country, you’ll want to assess if a distribution service primarily targets domestic or international media. Having a home emphasis increases the value for location-focused companies.

Performance Reporting Quality press release distribution platforms provide insightful metrics on the performance of distributed releases. You’re able to see quantifiable data on views, click rates, referral traffic driven back to your site, and more.

Competitive yet Clear Pricing Leading services offer pricing packages designed to fit different budget levels. However, prices should align with tangible value in terms of guaranteed reach, writing/editing support, reporting, etc.

By evaluating these factors, brands can determine which press release distribution option best fits their specific needs and budget. The reach and exposure generated by the right service pay dividends across marketing, sales, recruiting, partnerships, and beyond.

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